Call to Action in English

The (G)lobal 99% (G99) Mobilization against the G20

June 18-19, 2012.

Days of Indignation, Mobilization, Occupation, and Direct-Action Against the 1%

Grassroots community groups, organizations, collectives, and independent activists in Mexico make this call to THE WORLD to challenge the legitimacy and power of the G8 and the G20, spaces of supranational hegemonic power from which the 1% steals away our possibility of a just and democratic future. We make this call to take back control of our lives in a common struggle against the global elite. We call for a world-wide mobilization June 18-19 as an important step towards building an interconnected resistance of the (G)lobal 99% (G99).

We see in every continent popular mobilizations and revolts challenging the legitimacy and power of the 1%. We hear the calls from those that have been harmed and oppressed by their governments, and from those who have suffered exploitation and dispossession by the 1%. We echo these cries and calls heard from all the regions of the world to build a (G)lobal resistance of the 99% against the illegitimate international institutions that impose from above their world order- the G8, the G20, NATO, the UN “Security” Council, the IMF, the World Bank, the WTO, and beyond. This June, the G20 will hold its heads of state meeting in Mexico, in the almost inaccessible resort city of Los Cabos.

In this last year, in response to the Arab Spring and mobilizations against austerity cuts and unemployment across Europe, international grassroots collaborations and calls to action made from various Occupy General Assemblies were able to achieve the mobilization of millions of people to take the streets and squares of their countries. Since then we’ve seen a tremendous wave of protests and mobilizations on a global scale against the 1% on every continent. The strength and unity of the (G)lobal 99% demonstrates our potential and ability to go beyond the social protests in the streets- and move towards genuine bottom-up community-based social transformation. Our call is to recover our ability to dream and build a world in which many worlds fit, based on cooperation, social justice, and the recognition of the rights of all peoples to live in dignity and in harmony with Mother Earth.

We call on the people’s of the world to mobilize and take action the 18th and 19th of June, in a global uprising of indignation of the 99% against the hegemony of 1%. We call for two days of mobilizations, protests, and occupation of city centers and squares in every country to take back our dignity, our future, and our right to determine the world and society we chose to live in; for popular and neighborhood assemblies to meet and organize public actions that highlight and underscore local and regional demands; and for independent and autonomous affinity groups to take direct actions that are urgent and necessary; We call for the disruption of flow of capital of the 1%.

Indignation, Mobilization, Occupation, Agitation, Popular Assembly, Direct Action.

G8 + G20 = 1%

Global + 99% = G99%

G99% vs. G20

June 18-19, 2012






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